Ontario, Canada
Owners: Cathy and Dante Demars

breedings in cooperation with Mishawum

Mishawum's Falling Rock x TWD's Emma
1 F, 7 M DOB: 10/08/07

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Mishawum's Spiritual Evolution x TWD's C Loutus De Loufranc

To be bred during the Fall of 2008. Enzo is presently one of Mishawum's main leaders. Enzo continues to demonstrate exceptional performance as a leader. Not only did many of his ancestors run lead, 5/6 of the Zen Litter kids do as well.

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Note: Cathy and Dante intend to keep most of the puppies from these two litters as the basis for their future team.
However, they will entertain serious inquires.

For Information regarding these litters, contact cddemars@teksavvy.com