Willard Jalbert, Jr. Can-Am Crown 60
Driver: Bob O'Hearn
Finished 22nd out of 30 teams
Finishing time: 8:02:59

Note: L - denotes dog who ran in lead

Initially we were planning on Rhonda running the team because she has a slight weight advantage. But since Bob generally gets more out of the dogs and Rhonda just ran a race two weeks ago, it was Bob's turn on the runners.

Last year our team finished middle of the pack and in the money. This year, with a very competitive field, new unpacked snow on the trail and a team of dogs just getting over a bug that we caught in MI, we did not achieve our goals for this race. Of the 30 drivers, only the top few were able to maintain a 10mph pace. Boyd make a joke as he accepted his award, stating that he waxed up his runners for the race but didn't wax his ankles which was too bad as that is where the snow was!! Bob made the decision not bootie dogs at the start. And as he was proceeding through the course, he had to stop a number of times to remove snowballs.

Back in January at Craftsbury, our friend Christine and her team had an off day. We knew that. She has excelled over the past two years and our dogs are no longer 20 mins off in time from her Alaskans. Today, she redeemed herself big time with a 6th place finish and gave Boyd and Bruce a good run for the money!

Can-Am is one of the hardest, if not the hardest course in the East. Watching rookie drivers and fellow Siberian owners like Jaye, Peter, Wesley and Kyle (latter 3 also run Seppala's) come over the finish line with tears in their eyes was an emotional experience for Rhonda who couldn't help but remember what it was like last year after she ran the course for the first time.

One brag that can not go without mention is Al Tarr. He ran Nikki's son 'Braveheart' on his 30 mile team. The boy is absolutely beautiful. 100% Seppala in phenotype. Al started out with Braveheart in team, but when he crossed the finish line, the yearling was in lead!!! Al and Rhonda shared a heartfelt hug and Rhonda is now kicking herself that we sold such an amazing and focused puppy.

The dogs: Steel, Rocky - L, Raven - L, Jello - L, Kona, Saint, Ady and Cosmo

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