Sibersong's Stars Hollow x Mishawum's Morning Star

   DOB: 10/26/2010; 6M, 3F

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Halley impressed us with her motherly instincts last year.  Her pups with Baldy are turning out real nice and showed great promise when harness broken.  Halley is the kind of dog who wants to be in your lap kissing you to death even when the boyfriend is attending to business.  Her quiet personality and desire to please are amongst those traits we seek in a sled dog.   Just so happens that her latest boyfriend also possesses those personality traits.

When we bred Rhone earlier this summer and it did not take, we assumed any futher attempts to build upon our team would be on hold until 2011.  Well, Halley came into season on the exact date that Rhone was expected to whelp.  A sign from the stars? Perhaps.

We (ie Rhonda) typically takes weeks/months to make a decision.   This one, was made within the matter of hours.   Imagine that?! 


In harness, Halley's most noted achievements to date:  leading the team to Rocky Brook while in full blown heat (Bob should have dropped her from the 2006 CanAM 250 team in Portage because Rocky Brook was as far as the boys wanted to go) and participating as a member of the 2007 & 2009 Can Am 60 teams.  If Rhonda did not mess up by turning around 35miles from the finish line in the 2010 CanAM, Halley would have been able to put 250 finisher on her resume.

Tristan is an accomplished dog in the 250 arena and his daddy Stump, well his resume speaks for itself...

Both Halley, Tristan and their parents are leaders. We look forward to those genes being passed on yet again!


Thank you Jaye for letting us borrow your boy for a few days.  He and Halley clearly hit it off  ;]


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