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1 Male, 6 Females   DOB:   5/26/2008

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During 2007-2008, TK turned out to be one of our fastest males, with leader potential.  He participated that season in two 100 mile events plus the Can-Am 250.  His affectionate personality, great appetite and aptitude for obedience made him a perfect candidate for stud. 

Dharma, is simply beautiful; the complete package.  Plus she added 'Can-Am 250 leader/finisher' to her growing resume!

We've decided to celebrate and commemorate these pups by naming them after successful/inspiring and influential distance mushers.

This is a smart group of pups.  Already, we can clearly see traits of their parents and grandparents.  At 11 weeks of age the pups were sitting for treats; and even younger than that for their dinner.  DeeDee the smallest of the bunch is wicked outgoing, fast and crafty.  Physical size is not holding this girl back from gaining success!


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Day 3 6 Weeks Old 8 Weeks Old

12 Weeks Old

Puppy 1 - aka 'Jessie'

Puppy 2 - the Boy aka 'Mackey'

Puppy 3 - aka 'Zoya'

Puppy 4 - 'Zirkle'

Puppy 5 aka 'DeeDee'

Puppy 6 - 'Libby'

Puppy 7 - 'Griffin'

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