Sepp-Tech's Ady - "Ady"

Ady comes to us from an accomplished sprint kennel in Alberta. She has a number of top finishes under her belt achieved at races such as West Yellowstone, Cascade and Prince George. Since arriving at our kennel on New Years Eve 2004, she had been training in lead along side Falcon.

Ady has the quintessential markings and coloration of JJ Bragg's definition of the ideal Seppala Siberian (see photos of Xpace of Seppala and her daughter Tonya of Seppala)

Since Falcon's passing, Ady has been training in lead next to all of our leaders. Over the past year, she has shown tremendous improvement in the position of lead. The most notable accomplishment to date occured while working, in full blown heat (outside temperature and female cycle), next to Allagash on Rhonda's 2005 Blanchard team.

Ady completed the requirements toward her SD under the SHCA as well as the CKC. Since Ady is only Canadian Kennel Club registered and we sold her the year she completed the requirements, we've opted not to go through the paperwork hassel of applying for the degree.

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Ady and her sister Ariel racing at Canmore as 10 month old puppies. Ady is the Tan female on the driver's left.

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