Tay Marr's Allagash, SDO - "Allie"

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Allagash came to us as a 4 month old out of a puppy swap arrangement. She excelled as a leader right from the start.

Allagash commands attention and leads this kennel for sure by either standing over another dog, or lying upside down like an Egyptian queen waiting to be fed grapes. She lets all the dogs smell her you know what, but god forbid they try when she isn't interested!!!

Unlike other dogs in our kennel, Allagash does not have a massive bi-annual coat blow out. She also does an amazing job of controlling her dietary intake in order to maintain a 38lb body weight year round. Again, further signs of her vanity as queen of this team!!

We are humbled to have been the owners under whom Allagash earned all three SHCA sled dog degrees.


Allie resting in the snow

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