Sepp-Lok's Falcon, SD - "Falcon"

During an early fall trip to Seeley Lake Montana back in 1999, Bob brought Falcon home with him. She had been bred. From that breeding, we started our racing team.

After her 5/2003 litter, Falcon was officially retired as a brood bitch. It is here in New Hampshire where she lived out her life training puppies and running recreationally.

What can I say. We were so grateful to have Falcon in our yard. As a mother, you couldn't ask for a better brood bitch. As a leader, you couldn't ask for a better trainer. As an 11 year old, she was still running strong and wanted nothing other than to run. She is the one who finally helped me (Rhonda) realize the true beauty and spiritual nature of running and raising dogs.

Litter Roster:

10/19/1999 - sire: Bronco of Sepp-Alta (Football Litter)
11/24/2000 - sire: Jello de Loufranc (Boy Scout Camp Litter)
5/16/2003 - sire: Call of the Wild's Bart (Gas Station Litter)
  Falcon at age 10

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