Ivory de LouFranc, SD - "Ivory"



Ivory is Jello's Mom. A year after purchasing Jello, we were offered to purchase as a package deal, both Ivory and her sister Image. At the time, we needed another leader so we took the sister and Ivory went to a fellow musher's kennel. On occasion, we would use Ivory to fill out our team. One year, she and another dog spent the entire season training and racing with us and she began earning legs toward her SD. When she came up for sale, since we had grown to love Jello and his offspring, we thought, why not take a chance and buy her now to use as a brood bitch. Her first and only litter with us (now unfortunately altered) occurred in the summer of 2003 and what beautiful puppies they are!!

For a dog approaching retirement age, Ivory is extremely well built and energetic. We believe had she not learned to pace herself as a yearling on a touring team, she would be making our 100+ mile team today.

During the fall of 2005, Ivory was adopted by a musher from the state of Maine. She is living in the house the majority of the time now and we know that she is loving life!!

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Ivory hanging out with new friends

Litter Roster:
IVORY whelped two litters in her lifetime.

The first on 3/14/98 for her breeder; Francois Hamel.   This is the Loufranc 'J' litter from which we obtained our awesome boy JELLO!  

IVORY's second litter with Howling Spirits Steel (Comets Litter) was whelped on 7/31/03 under the Mishawum kennel
name.   From that litter we were blessed with some additional, equally amazing dogs!

Back in 2005, when IVORY moved in with Christina Eagle and her daughters, the family was just starting to get
serious about racing.   They have since switched gears and developed a competitive sprint team of Alaskans.  Throughout their transition from Siberians to Alaskans, IVORY stuck around their kennel as a mascot of sorts. 

IVORY was a great package of personality;  tough, focused and sweet;  traits that she (in combo with her 2 mates) have without a doubt, passed along to their progeny.

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