Fleo de LouFranc

Fleo served as the foundation bitch for Mike Santos: The Wolf's Den Kennel.

The litter which produced Tao and Kiwi was one of the last L'Epiphanie litters. Francois Hamel took Debbie Fogarty's (Kodiak Kennels) advice and bred the two together, thus producing Fleo.

Mike Santos chose Fleo as an outcross for several reasons. First, she has a body type and temperament which is not unlike that of his (WWL) dogs of the time. Secondly because she is inbred, and has produced dogs to type, he was confident that he would not be surprised by undesirable traits. Thirdly, the L'Epiphanie line in general, and Fleo in specific posess extraordinary muscling of the hind quarters. Of course all dogs will muscle up with proper training, however, there is a visible difference with Fleo and her offspring.

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