Mishawum's Ta-Wa-Ko-Ni, SDX - "Kona"

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While at Boot Camp I, Jello and Falcon decided to tie one on. At the time, we were too new as breeders to recognize the signs of a bitch coming into season. The puppies were aptly named after Boy Scout camps.

Kona is another dog who is relentless in harness. We just cannot seem to tire him out. Kona and Mischa compete to be the team cheerleader. She cheers from the sidelines and he from the gangline! You need earplugs if you are anywhere close to Kona when he's screaming for the team to get going.

For years Kona ran primarily in wheel. During the 2006-2007 season we moved him up into point.

After a stellar performance in the 2009 Can Am 60, Kona retired from competitive racing. He now lives with our good friends and his sister Sierra.


Hanging out with Grandma

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