Howling Spirits Nikki, SD - "Nikki"

On Feb 14th 2005 we brought Nikki to the vet. For two days prior she was not looking well and did not take in any water or food. We had a sinking feeling but wanted desperately to attribute the symptoms to something else. X-rays confirmed our suspicion. She ate another rock. This time the size of a golf ball! After having had surgery only three weeks prior to remove a foreign object, subjecting her to yet another surgery just increases the chance of infection and the unlikelihood that the small intestine would maintain it's integrity. Many tears were shed as we made the decision to send her to the Rainbow Bridge.

Nikki is a dog who was flexible regarding the position where she ran on the team, had a zest for life, was extremely outgoing but had an edge about her, hard working, resilient, a great mother and friend to the other dogs, an easy keeper, and loved by everyone who visited our kennel -> all traits any person would be proud to aspire.

Many thanks to Phil and Linda Ruhl who entrusted Nikki with us. She was truly a pleasure to have on our team.

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One of the last runs Nikki took with her pups before she left for the Rainbow Bridge. This was the puppies' first longer run on snow: mid-January 2005.

Nikki and Steel (referred to as Boris by his breeder) both ran in the 2001 Jr. Iditarod.
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5/22/04 - sire: Baldrick of Jedeye (Zen Litter)

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