Noble Way's Pegasus - "Peggy"

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Peggy came to us from our friends Karen and Brian.

A few years ago, we mentored Brian. During that year, Brian was so inspired by the experience, that he wrote a short story that subsequently got published in the ISHC news. Teenage desires took over and Brian decided in 2005 to get out of dogs. All of Peggy's siblings, with the exception of one, are running on fellow mid-distance teams. Peggy's dad is a Can-Am 250 finisher. Perhaps in part due to her good genes, we are seeing amazing things from this yearling.

Peggy's breeders named her after the "magical winged horse' constellation. When gazing upon this constellation, we should be reminded that gentleness and doing good deeds is usually rewarded. Peggy has great eating habits, a wonderful playful personality and she's pretty quick. She's giving Ginsing a good run for the money while they free run around the exercise yard!

Thank You Christina for taking Peggy along on your inaugural mid-distance race. This was Peggy's first time running in a competitive environment.

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