Raven of Sepp-Alta, SDO - "Raven"

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Our foundation bitch, Falcon, was purchased bred. Raven and her brother Saint are the products of this first litter.

Phenotype wise, Raven in our mind, is a perfect specimen.

There had been a rumor going around that when Falcon was in Montana before we purchased her, she may have tied with another male. Since Bronco was the last male seen with Falcon, Doug recorded him as the sire of record. We finally obtained Bronco's DNA. A parentage evaluation confirms the rumor. Raven is now altered to avoid breeding an unknown pedigree. What a damn shame because as we've noted, she is healthy, great feet, great coat, good eating habits, nice personality, is one hell of a beautiful dog and still proving herself in the position of lead.

Dated 05/05/07: Seen here at 7 1/2 y.o.

Raven is one of Rhonda's hiking partners. We are working to complete her W.P.D.

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