Mishawum's Tunguska's Comet - "Tonka"

Tonka is a male we sold from the "comet litter". The team that received Tonka was a sprint team. This picture of Tonka is when he was 14 1/2 months old.

The theme for this litter came as a combination of events. A few years ago while traveling, Bob and I watched a news report on Siberia. During that report, the story of Tunguska's Comet was mentioned. I thought, what a cool dog name and kept it filed away until the right opportunity presented itself. Ivory's puppies matured quickly and were soon traveling out of the whelping box. One starlit evening, the littlest female of the 4 was crying and I ran outside to "rescue" her. She was promptly named Nova and I found a use for the cool dog name and hence the "comet litter" theme.

Tonka is a father. He sired a litter of 9 pups back in Jan 2005. It's amazing how much they took after him. One of the pups was aptly named 'Minnetonka'.

Tonka at 14-1/2 months old

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