Race Results 2007-2008

This season, we were the only New Hampshire based sled dog kennel, south of Concord, that competed in 60+ mile events. Despite the lack of snow, we persevered. We owe a huge Thank You to our good friends, Mike and Sue Ellis, whose camp we rented while they were living in Whitehorse.

Our mantra for the season was adopted from Lance Mackey: "Excel, Don't Dwell".

Driver: Bob O'Hearn
Finished 9th/16 with a total time of 11:19.

Rocky-L, Cosmo-L, Enzo-L, Granite, Rhone, Jello, Kona, Saint, Ginsing, TK
Enzo completed the requirements for an SD degree

Greenville 100

Driver: Bob O'Hearn
Finished 8th/12 with a total trail time (according to our GPS) of 7:41.

The course this year was cut short in order to avoid a large section of plowed road.
Cosmo-L, Enzo-L, Rhone, Rocky-L, Granite, Halley,
Jello, Dharma, Kona, TK, Ginsing, Saint
Ginsing finished the requirements for an SD degree

Started the 250 with 12 dogs. Dharma-L, Ginsing-L, Enzo-L, Cosmo-L, Granite,
Rocky-L, Halley, Jello, TK, Saint, Kona, Rhone

Driver: Bob O'Hearn
FINISHED at 02:40:08 am Tuesday morning in 13th position carrying the 'Red Lantern'

Bartlett Fun Run

Driver: Rhonda Hendry O'Hearn
Finished 5th/10 with a total trail time of 2:10:26.

This was Rhonda's first time running more than 8 dogs in a competitive environment. Stopped a few times to move dogs around in the team, twice for snowmobiles and at the turn around, Rhonda could not get the Critterwoods snowhook out! In the soft deep snow with the team pulling like mad against the gangline, the dang snowhook sunk itself good!!

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