Blanchard Fun Run - 30 mile, 6 dog class

Driver: Rhonda Hendry O'Hearn, amazingly closed the gap, and finished in 3rd place out of 7 teams with a time of 3:09
Driver: Bob O'Hearn, finished not too far behind with a time of 3:19

Note: L - denotes dog who ran in lead

Originally we were scheduled to run at Marmora. After the mess last week, we decided instead to use this fairly local and fun event as an opportunity to separate the boys from the girls. Plus, we hoped to get a run in early Sunday and still be home to see the Super Bowl kick off.

Since we had two teams leaving from the same truck, girls in heat, and handler assistance was required to escort the teams to the starting line, Rhonda requested to go out last in the class. A rec. team set up in the shoot during the 2 min interval when Rhonda's team was preparing to leave. Rather than try and pass the rec. team on the gravel, Rhonda waited an extra 2+ min before stubbing off. This is a fun run, so trail time is clocked beginning when you actually leave the starting line.

Rhonda basically had the trail to herself, so mentally rescinded to the fact that this was a training run. Close to the lollipop turn around, Rhonda passed head-on, the 4 open teams. The trail then did a haw where it intersected with another trail. Thinking that this must be the start of the turn around, Rhonda assumed that all of the remaining drivers must be out in front of her, which would be perfect in order to avoid having the boys see the girls. Moments after that, she then passed the two Delano girls who were running in the 6 dog class. This was not a good sign as it now meant that Rhonda was going to have a head-on pass with the boys Bob was driving. Within a second over the rise comes another team and in fact it was Bob! Of course the two teams refused to pass one another. Rocky is just dying to have a fling with Ady!! After losing precious minutes straightening out the tangle, Rhonda continued down the trail only to hear back in the distance, Bob's team still barking (he had to swap leaders because Rocky was intent on following Ady). Within a minute, Rhonda head-on passed two more 6 dog teams (who also happened to be Seppalas).

At this stage, Rhonda assumed that the Mishawum teams were going to finish in 5th & 6th place, instead they were surprised to learn that Rhonda's team managed to close the gap and finished with a respectable 3rd place.

This event provided some great hill training, in extremely warm temperatures, with the bonus of head-on passing (all without incident).

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