GMDM - Shelburne Shipyard/G Stone Motors 60

Driver: Bob O'Hearn
Finished in first place out of a field of 14 teams with a time of 4:55:54. Also ranked top placing purebred team

Note: L - denotes dog who ran in lead

Bob took a few mid week training days last week and a fellow musher wrote to say how great our team looked after the 5+ hour run on day two. None of the 11 (Nikki was home recovering from surgury after eating a foreign object) Bob ran even sat down when they arrived at the truck.

Rhonda had family obligations and stayed home, so Bob went up to Craftsbury by himself. Of the 11, he chose to leave the yearlings (Halley, Cosmo and Exxon) at the truck. This was a good call. Conditions were sparse, with little to no trail help at the road crossings. Plus we are trying to clear up a few fissures. Temps were hovering at 10-15 below all day. Since the dogs ran in these temps earlier in the week, they were conditioned for it.

Many of the drivers in the 60 mile class, as well as the 30 got lost. I don't know what it is about this race course but it happens every year. In any case, a fellow Alaskan driver wrote to us to say that Bob had the same markers they all did, and did the best job fair and square. Plus she only did a few extra miles so thought Bob would have beaten her anyway.

Only one minute separated Bob and Matt Carstens, a Can-Am 250 mile contender. If Bob had stopped at the checkpoint to water using bowls like our handler had kindly prepared, he would have come in second. Instead, he snacked using Revive ice cubes.

The dogs (Steel, Rocky - L, Raven - L, Ady, Allagash, Jello, Kona, Saint) did remarkably well, and for that, we are especially grateful.

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