Race Results 2005-2006

Motto for this season: "Keep training fun and remember that the process is a rewarding goal in and of itself". Although we still hold down traditional 9-5 jobs, and do not own a camp or live on a trail system, we planned this season to run a 250 mile event.

Eagle Lake 100
Driver: Bob O'Hearn
Finished in 8th place out of a field of 15 teams with a combined time of 15:09:56
Ady completed the requirements for her SD and Kona and Steel completed their SDX!!

Irving Woodlands Can-AM Crown 250
Driver: Bob O'Hearn
"A winner is not always defined by the results, but often by the scars." - B.C.

Eden Mt Sprint Races
Drivers: Bob O'Hearn & Rhonda Hendry O'Hearn

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