Eagle Lake 100

Driver: Bob O'Hearn
Finished in 8th place out of a field of 15 teams with a combined time of 15:09:56

Note: L - denotes dog who ran in lead

The second weekend in January, we headed to Maine for the Eagle Lake 100. Actually, it was similar in mileage and format to the Midnight Run (45, rest, 45). Weather reports on Thursday were not looking good at all. We seriously considered bagging it and staying home. Instead, after talking to an old friend who is part of the Eagle Lake RGO, we decided to stick with the plan. Driving up on Friday, we did not encounter decent snow on the highway until the town of Sherman Mills!!

Hanging out waiting for your driver during an unassisted event, totally sucks! You can't help but worry... and forget about trying to sleep!

Rather than go into details about the entire event, I'm going to cut to the chase (for a more in-depth account, check out TeamTsuga's dog log) .....

When the announcement came in over the radio that a team was coming (Matt Carstens finished first, then all of the Canadians and then Mitch Ingerson)... we all expected it to be Bob. What we did not know, is that a few miles from the finish, Bob went off trail and ended up on a plowed road. Up to that point in the race, the team was doing well and maintaining speed considering the *&%*#%#*^ conditions. Where Bob was led astray, was a section near a fork that led back to the start. Getting back on course, another driver caught up and met Bob in a section that was dubbed 'the waterfall'. No shit!!! A beaver dam opened up, letting loose a huge amount of slush. Teams were wading through 4 feet of water. Luckily, the finish was only one-third of a mile from there. Lev Shvarts was able to get his team out of the water first, and ran into the finish one minute ahead of Bob.

This was a HUGE learning curve in getting to the Can-AM finish line. Bob had Cosmo running in lead next to Rocky. He had originally started with Ady up front.

Moving Cosmo into lead, and having him do the job in these conditions (his first time running lead during a race) was something to be pretty proud of! Plus, Enzo one of the yearlings, was racing for the first time. Although we would have preferred better weather, this was a perfect early season opportunity to test in a race atmosphere, our training for Can-Am. Unfortunately because it was raining, the majority of the team did not rest at the checkpoint and instead, were standing up waiting for Bob to take them to higher (or should I say 'drier') ground!

ANY driver who even attempted Eagle Lake this year earns our utmost respect!

The dogs: Raven, Jello, Kona, Saint, Ady -L, Allagash, Cosmo-L, Rocky-L, Enzo, Steel

Ady completed the requirements for her SD and Steel and Kona completed their SDX!!

For complete race results, check out Sled Dog Central.

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