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LEXUS was our pick from the litter of 10 girls that ENZO sired. We simply could not resist her charm and mirrored resemblance.

At 10 weeks of age, we spent a bit of time on a Saturday afternoon hanging out with a yellow lab (named IZZY) and 2 Burmese Mountain dogs (named CHLOE and SOFIE). We met up with some friends in Beverly, MA; had dinner and afterwards, went for a walk with our respective canine kids to work off the heavy lasagna sticking to our ribs. The adult dogs ran loose ahead of us as we made our way through the reservation trail system. Since the adult dogs 'knew' the trail, we allowed LEXUS to share that free-run experience. Wow!! Not only is she fast, she has no fear. LEXUS took off at full speed, all the while, running around without tripping or hesitation. She ran through brush, down hills and into water --> all without a moment of doubt. Then the cutest thing... she would come back occasionally and check in with one of the human adults which would be rewarded with a shower of praise. Our human friends expected that we would be carrying LEXUS for the majority of the hike. Not once was that necessary. On the way home from the park... LEXUS road proudly in the back seat of CHLOE and SOFIE's Discovery .

In our yard, Auntie DHARMA and ALLIE have taken LEXUS under their wing.

While playing inside the house, LEXUS runs back and forth playing catch. She learned within a day, where the water/food bowl are parked. So while playing.. she'll step into the hallway and grab a drink now and then.

Oh yeah... she is crate trained and knows the 'sit'command!

Cathy, Dante and their boys, did a fabulous job raising these pups!

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