TWD's Emma - "Emma"

The dogs in our kennel with L'Épiphanie in their lineage are hard driving dogs. This is a trait we enjoy and wish to continue melding into our breeding program. With Ivory altered and Halley too young yet to determine whether she will be 'breedable' down the line... we started to explore other options. When we heard that the Wolf's Den Kennel was switching to Alaskan's, we gave them a call.

Emma and her siblings may not have a lot of racing mileage, but the quality of training they have under them far exceeds anything they could have gained racing as yearlings. Emma ran on a team in the inaugural Greenville 100 Mile Wilderness race. For us, her participation in this event demonstrates other qualities we are striving for: endurance over distance and the ability to acclimate to the checkpoint routine of a point to point event.

Of all the Fleo offspring we saw at the time of our kennel visit, Emma is the one who pheno-typically fit in the best with our team.

During exercise time Emma is one fast cookie! She can easily catch up on a free run and tag another dog on the other side of the yard.


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Spring 2005: after a bath

Can-Am 2006: finish line

At the end of the 2006-2007 season, Emma moved in with an Ontario purebred sprint team; who also like to dabble a bit in the show circuit. Although we may think Emma is F'n beautiful, her kids are the ones who are more likely to see the show ring. Josh, give Emma a big hug for us!

Litter Roster: 8/22/06 - sire: Alaskan's Nicolaos of Anadyr (Wine & Spirits)
10/8/07 - sire: Mishawum's Falling Rock (Pirates)

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