Ontario, Canada
Owners: Cathy and Dante Demars

Breedings in cooperation with Mishawum

Mishawum's Falling Rock, SDO x TWD's Emma

Rocky was an early bloomer, earning his SD at the age of 1 1/2. He then went on become one of Bob and Rhonda's main leaders. Although not evident in photographs, type wise, Emma and Rocky complement each other well. She's quite likely his female equivalent. We are very excited about this breeding!

It looked as though Emma was preparing a nest outside. Dante went outside to check on her. Within 15 minutes of coming into the house, she whelped the first one! This time around, Emma continued to pop out puppies 15 minutes apart; no c-section required.

1 Female, 7 Males DOB: 10/08/07
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Pearl and Mo

Curly and Growler

Prescott and Flash

Thunder and Rocky Jr

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Note: Cathy and Dante intend to keep most of the puppies from these two litters as the basis for their future team.
However, they will entertain serious inquires.

For Information regarding these litters, contact cddemars@teksavvy.com

DISCLAIMER: Our kennel name was accepted by the Canadian Kennel Club.