Mishawum's Falling Rock, SDO - "Rocky"

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While at Boot Camp I, Jello and Falcon decided to tie one on. At the time, we were too new as breeders to recognize the signs of a bitch coming into season. The puppies were aptly named after Boy Scout camps.

For two years we ran Rocky solely in wheel. While attending Boot Camp II, we were encouraged us to put Rocky in lead. In doing so, we were reminded of how important it is to try each dog in the position of lead. Rocky used to be a terror in wheel. Bootcamp gave us the confidence to try something different. Thank you Jamie and Ann for giving us the confidence to try something new; because it is clearly evident we were holding this dog back!

Rocky is now a critical member of our team. He led every race the 2005 season, including all 90 miles of the Midnight Run. Rocky was also the driving force during the 2006 Eagle Lake 100 and 2007 Can-Am 60.

Rhonda is a true believer in "things happen for a reason". Rocky may be a product of an accidental breeding, but wow, had that breeding not taken place, we never would have had this beautiful boy in our kennel.

Rocky is the sire of our (Chip off the Block) litter
and a litter the DeMars planned with Emma in 2007.

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