Baldrick of Jedeye x Mishawum's Morning Star, SD

   DOB:  June 24, 2009 (2 Males, 4 Females)

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With our first litter of six pups from Baldy, the ratios were 4/2. The sire determines the sex, so we were holding out for another male heavy litter. This time however, the ratios were flipped.

Halley is going to be turning 6 years old on July 31st. Planning a 'first' breeding with a bitch of that age can bring with it complications. We were truly blessed! Halley amazed us throughout this entire process.  Popping out puppies unassisted every 1/2 hour (beginning at 2:00pm) and taking care of them like a pro. Halley is the kind of dog who wants to be in your lap kissing you to death. Now when we walk into the garage, she does not even consider leaving her kids for a kiss from either of us

To pay homage to the sire of this litter (taking his call name as a reference to Mt. Baldy) and our BSD (before sled dog) passion, these pups are going to have downhill skiing related names.

(see photos of the pups at 4 weeks of age)




Cosmo and Enzo are exceptional dogs.  Since it is not physically possible to breed two males together, and we had no interest in using Enzo right after he sired a LARGE litter of girls, taking Cosmo's sister to mate with Enzo's father, was the most logical solution.   Enzo is out of Baldy x Nikki.   Cosmo and Halley are 1/2 siblings to Jello (who is pretty exceptional himself); out of Steel (Nikki's brother - an amazing dog, awesome personality and an accomplished tight to the right hand side leader) and Ivory

Halley is quite accomplished in her own right! She is very obedient and while playing in the yard, will come when called, no matter what she happens to be involved with at the time. She will also power walk through a dog yard or crowd of people to get ahead.   Like her Mom, she's got a soft side to her as well... just adores laying on the sofa, playing with stuffed animals, kissing us to death and most recently, playing amorously with Lexus.   If Rhonda was to register Halley for some formal Rally or Obedience training, Halley has the skills that would translate to immediate success.   

In harness, Halley's most noted achievements to date:  leading the team to Rocky Brook while in full blown heat (Bob should have dropped her from the team in Portage because Rocky Brook was as far as the boys wanted to go) and participating as a member of the 2007 & 2009 Can Am 60 teams.  Baldy has an exceptional race record and was the only male on Blake Freking's 2008 Iditarod team that would run in lead with Trouble (who like Halley, was in full blown season).

4/4 dogs in the Steel x Ivory litter are leaders

5/6 dogs in the Baldy x Nikki litter are leaders

We have similar expectations with this breeding.


Thank you Blake and Jen for taking great care of our girl
and to Kathy and Bill for driving Halley out to MN


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