Mishawum's Falling Rock x Northomes Mandy

Mandy was approx. 5 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken.

When Emma produced only two pups, Kathy and Bill presented us an offer we could not refuse. While most of Mandy's experience in harness is open class sprints including ONAC and Laconia, she had been trained up these past few years to run the New England mid-distance circuit.

Rocky, besides being extremely well built (to our standards), has all of the other qualities we seek in a sled dog. His Mom (Falcon) ran lead for us almost up until the day she passed on. She was one remarkable dog. His Dad (Jello) at the age of 8 , although not as fast as he used to be, is still a main string leader.

We have known in our hearts since Rocky was three years old that we wanted to use him at stud, this was our opportunity. Many things have led up to this moment, beginning with the Boot Camp accidental breeding that started it all. We would not hesitate to use Jello at stud today, but are obviously pleased with the outcome of that tie!

All we can hope for now, is that these pups turn out to be better if not as equally amazing as their parents and grandparents.

We can not thank Kathy and Bill Lesinski enough for helping us make this happen!

Whelped 12/6/2006; 3 girls* and 2 boys


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